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oink, oink

Our Kellan is 3 weeks old already. Time is flying, except at 3AM. He got the doctor’s seal of approval at his 3 week checkup yesterday, weighing in at 10lbs-8oz! That’s crazy. The boy literally eats about 15 times a day. Just tie a bell around my neck and call me Flossie.

kellan robert
big boy!

In addition to growing like a weed, the new guy is spending more time awake each day. He’s mirroring our facial expressions and starting to track objects. He’s also smiling in his sleep a lot.

kellan robert
baby dreams are nice

Big brother Liam is still a big fan of his baby. Though his patience occasionally runs a bit short. Our big guy may be working on another tooth. He woke at 5 this morning and has been a bit crabby. We’re still waiting on the lower canines, so hopefully that’s what’s going on.

liam and kellan

It’s as close to domestic bliss as you can get…

kellan robert
liam gregor
kellan says "wah"

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