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4 weeks

The new guy is four weeks old today. And here’s what it looks like at our house (for about 2 minutes – the rest of the time it’s complete chaos). Pan still thinks he’s the top dog.

liam and kellan
the hierarchy
liam and kellan

Kellan is still an eating machine. He’s growing so fast. We’ve already packed up the newborn clothes and some of the 0-3 months onsies are getting rather snug. Some days Kellan is awake for an hour or more at a stretch, others he still sleeps most of the time. He’s given us his first real smile. The first was at the sound of daddy’s voice and the second was for me (yay!).

We’re working on our tummy time now. Much like his big brother, Kellan only tolerates it for a few minutes. Still, doctor’s orders…

kellan robert
tummy time - the beginning
kellan robert
tummy time - the end
liam and kellan
it's ok. tummy time is done.

What fun.

PS. I started knitting the blanket pictured above while pregnant with Liam and finally finished it the week before Kellan was born. It’s OpArt knitted with Knit Picks Swish DK washable wool.


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