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lucky number 7

Yeah, so time flies when you’re having fun. We’re still trucking along down here. Sorry for the lack of updates. The new guy keeps getting bigger and bigger (and better and better). And big brother is more and more fun each day. They definitely keep us on our toes.

Let’s start with Kellan.

kellan robert
5 weeks

kellan robert
6 weeks
kellan robert
7 weeks

He’s ginormous. Seriously, the little meatball is already wearing 3-6 month clothes. It’s amazing. He still has sleepy days, but also has days during which he’s awake for 2 hours in a row between naps. We still nurse A LOT, but it’s getting a little less frequent – 13 times a day instead of 15. Doesn’t sound like a big difference, but those 2 missing feeds were usually between 11PM and 6AM, so it is a big deal.

kellan robert  kellan robert

Just look at the difference in 4 weeks. He’s already too big to snuggle in boppy.

Kellan is a real snuggler. He insists on being held most of the time. So the Maya sling and Infantino wrap and tie are getting daily use. B and I are also quite a bit more relaxed (and exhausted) this time around, so unlike big brother Liam, Kellan spends a significant portion of the night in bed with mommy and daddy. You wouldn’t think that walking the 6 feet between our bed and Kellan’s crib would mean much, but when you’re as bad at falling asleep as I am, it’s a difference of being awake for 15 minutes every 2-3 hours and being awake an hour every 2-3 hours.

We have a 2 month well check next week. I promise I’ll post the stats. He has to get his first round of shots this time. Yuck.

And now for the old baby.

liam gregor
sleepy? riiight…

Liam is a wild man. He is hilarious and makes me a crazy person. He’s alternately sweet and stubborn, imaginative and irritating, goofy and god-awful, and independent and INDEPENDENT. And the energy. Oh, wow! He never stops, notforonesecond. Doesn’t he realize that mommy is old and tired? There aren’t enough Pixy Stix in the world to help me keep up. Thai iced coffee does help a little…

Liam’s stringing words together and loves to pretend. Some days he’s a lion, others a dog, occasionally a snake or a frog. We’re taking advantage of this and brainwashing him introducing him to the character he’ll be for Halloween. He seems to be enjoying it. He recognizes most letters of the alphabet and a few numbers and can count to two (he holds up both index fingers – it’s terribly cute).

He also still adores his baby. Last week while I was holding Kellan, Liam marched up to us and shouted “My baby!” It was pretty funny, if more than a little rude. “Mine” is the word of the day (month). Everything is “mine.” Hopefully it’s just a phase and we’re not really raising the most selfish child in history… Is this the “terrible” part of the twos?

Still, look how cute.

Liam and Kellan
just chillin'

Onward and upward!


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