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shhh…the baby’s sleeping

Kellan Robert
8 weeks old

Our guy did really well at the doctor. Kellan weighed in above the 97th percentile at 13 pounds, 12 ounces and measured 23-inches long. He didn’t enjoy his shots (three) and was pretty crabby and sleepy for the rest of the day, but was back to his sweet self by the next day. The doctor tsk-tsked mommy and daddy though. She reminded us that allowing himself to sleep all over the place at night was setting us up for a major struggle if we didn’t get him used to his crib.

Red faced, we pulled it together the past two nights and even gave swaddling another shot. Guess what. He slept in his crib. We swaddled him, but left his legs loose and put him in his crib at 9 last night. He only woke up twice to eat! First at 1:30, then again at 4:30, and he woke up this morning at 6:45. Crazy. He’s only eating like 11 or 12 times a day now. It’s awesome.

kellan robert
kellan robert
happy guy

Kellan has so much personality, already cooing and grinning at us. He’s really strong and can sit in bumbo for a minute or two and push up from his belly. And as an added bonus, his baby acne is clearing up!

Seriously, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

kellan robert
mama said knock you out

On a related note, Liam still mostly loves his baby brother.

Liam and Kellan
best pals?

Last but not least, there is no safe place left in our house. Poor kittens.

liam gregor

PS. Here’s LL.


One thought on “shhh…the baby’s sleeping

  1. Love your site, and your babies! So sweet to bad they grow so fast! My baby is 34 his baby is almost 6> Seams like yesterday they were born! Can you tell me what kind of tubing gows on the screw when you use the ruffler? Thank you! Have a wonder ful day and may god bless you and your family!

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