perfect 10 (and some)

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Kellan is still doing his thing. He’s growing and growing. His sleep is occasionally great and often not, but overall the trend is positive. The snuggle bug is big on smiles and babbles on and on. He’s still an eating machine during the day, but has dropped a lot of the nighttime snacks. Some nights, like last night, he only eats once between 8PM and 7AM.

kellan robert

It was touch and go at the homestead recently. A stomach bug made its way through the family. Literally through  the family. Liam had the worst of it. It lasted a full week for him. B and I were only out of commission for 2 days and Kellan just had a bit of a cough. He’s big on the spit up anyway, so we didn’t notice anything different. Big brother is back in business now and the laundry is back to the normal 7 loads/week.

In unrelated news, daddy played some rugby… It was a fun family outing. The only thing keeping the big boy from joining the game was his new backpack/leash. Super cute with a retractable tether. And best of all, no smushed Liam.

old boys rugby
this looks familiar...
old boys rugby
but it's tougher than i remember...
liam gregor
the only thing keeping me off the field is this tiger.

Can you believe that Liam will be two next month? I can’t. He’s pretty great. His vocabulary has gone through the roof in the past few weeks. Chatty Cathy is stringing words together and using new words daily. He still likes signing and it’s helpful when he’s trying to pronounce new words. The boy is still very much into the mindset of what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine, but he does try to share. It’s seems so difficult for him, that it’s kind of funny to watch. He’ll give a toy to Kellan and say, “share” and then just stare at the toy and fidget for a few seconds before taking it back.

liam gregor
just like daddy

Halloween was more low key than I’d have liked, but with all the puking it was the best we could manage. Fortunately, we’re having a do over Halloween for G’ma and G’pa this weekend. I’ll try for some better pics and post costume details next week.

liam, kellan and daddy
trick or treat

PS. I’m starting work again. Sweet relief.