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ramping up

Here at the nut house, we’re getting ready for the fat man. Liam is sooo excited. I don’t think he knows why he’s excited, but, heck, there’s a tree in the living room so it’s gotta be something good. Plus, there’s a train – a very, very cool old Lionel (Thanks Pop-Pop. We miss you much). Liam is beside himself, to the point that B had to hide the train in the laundry closet. Otherwise, the boy would have it running all day.

liam and daddy
Pop-Pop's train is getting a workout.

As you can see, we have a small platform this year. B built it from plywood and 2x4s, and we covered it in green felt. It’s perfect for the little space we have available for our tree. We upgraded to Lionel’s Fastrack, which is a dream to work with compared to the old, old O27 track that Pop-Pop used. Also, we made the switch to the C7 ceramic lights on the tree. I love them.

This Christmas business is an awful lot of work…

We still haven’t taken our Christmas card photos, because, well the yarn for Liam’s Santa hat brim and Kellan’s elf hat hasn’t arrived yet. It should be in today, so hopefully we’ll have a photo shoot by Wednesday. That said, don’t be surprised if your Christmas card arrives in January. I don’t hold much hope for a decent shot though. The big boy is too fast these days. Worst case, we’ll run with the Christmas in Hollis shot.

liam gregor
chillin' and coolin' just like a snowman

Now the little man is a different story. He just can’t take a bad photo.

kellan robert
visions of sugarplums

I mean really, how cute is this kid?

kellan robert
all smiles


kellan robert
a laugh a minute

Both boys had doctor well checks last week and both got the thumbs up. They are each hovering around the 75 percentile in size. Kellan weighed in at just over 16 pounds. He’s starting to get fun. He laughs at his big brother’s antics and enjoys sitting up in bumbo and in the jumperoo. Sleep is still all over the place, but we’ll deal with that in January. He likes holding things and bringing them to his mouth and gives the biggest smile when you kiss his cheeks.

Liam is a regular chatterbox. He talks and talks and talks. It’s great. It’s so fun to see him excited for the holidays, even if he doesn’t know why. Christmas morning should be a blast. A very, very early morning party.

BTW, all of these are cell phone shots (Oh my, how I do love my Droid X!). I haven’t had the energy to even try the good camera.

Ho, ho, ho.


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