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ho, ho, holiday spirit

It’s a rather minimalist Christmas this year, but we did manage a few decorations…

pleased with what $15 in walmart ornaments can do

and some yummy treats…

gingerbread mini cupcakes

We made mini cupcakes using the Cook’s Country gingerbread recipe – only baked them for 10 minutes or so and frosted them with a powdered sugar and milk glaze and crushed candy canes. Next time we’ll up the ginger and cinnamon.

and little giftees for Liam’s teachers.

dish towels - my favorite way to wrap

Eight dozen cookies for the 10 teachers at Liam’s school. He spends time with most of them at one point or another during his day, so we made a little treat for everyone. Again, the recipes were from Cook’s Country. Everybody got 2 chocolate chip/coconut and 2 Heath Bar chip cookies (too big! Next time we’ll adjust the baking time and make more reasonably sized cookies) and 4 molasses spice cookies (like the gingerbread, needs more spice). I really love using dish towels to wrap gifts. Who doesn’t need more dish towels? A little sprig of pine from the trimmed boughs of the tree tied on with kitchen twine was an easy and cute way to close each parcel.

That’s about it this year. A far cry from Christmases B.C. (before children)

christmas 2007
christmas 2007

One thought on “ho, ho, holiday spirit

  1. i wrapped in gift towels too this year. g’s teachers got personalized stationary wrapped in gift towels. i would have loved to receive the gifts we gave myself! 😉

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