5 months and counting

How cute is this guy?

kellan robert
nah, nah

Really. It’s just about too much to handle.

kellan robert
play time!

He’s just about the happiest baby around.

kellan robert
feet, you say? i approve!

And, perhaps the chubbiest. Our scale at home puts him at 19 pounds. He’s starting to bust out of his 9 month clothes.

Kellan is our big, strong baby. He likes standing (with our help, obviously), makes good use of the jumperoo and can sit up with minimal support. He grabs everything within reach and crams whatever he finds into his mouth. The boy is constantly chewing and drooling. It’s very messy in our world. 

He’s a big boy in his own high chair and everything. We’ve introduced solids, but he’s not really convinced that they are better than milk. So, we’re going slowly. Too slowly for mommy’s taste, quite frankly. You see, the boy still wakes 2-5 times at night for a snack. Kellan’s still sleeping in a crib in our room, but we’re hoping to move him upstairs soon. Maybe that will help him sleep through the night. No more of daddy’s snoring and mommy’s coughing.

The new baby absolutely adores the old baby. And, generally, the big brother loves his little brother. Generally.

liam and kellan

Liam, being 2, doesn’t really do anything consistently. He’s even more erratic than me and, as anyone who knows me will attest, that is saying something. The boy is very clever and routinely outwits mommy and daddy. He is also very into imaginative play. Dinosaurs, robots, blocks, trains and trucks are his toys of choice. There is always a mommy and a daddy and at least one baby, sometimes two. It’s really interesting to watch. He loves building towers just to smash them to the ground. His energy is scary. He never seems to run out. Usually he’s like a tornado in the house, systematically emptying bookcases and toy bins just to make a mess.

Dangerously cute though, so he gets away with it.

Mommy and daddy are living on caffeine. Hopefully we’ll get some sleep soon. Until then, we’ll just keep on keeping on.


PS. Photos are all from the Droid X. How did I live without this phone?

Oh. And the hats are “Gooseberry Hats” by Suvi Simola knit with Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash.

limping into the new year

Sheesh. I hope the whole year isn’t like this. We’ve had a fairly rough few weeks. Well more accurately, Liam has had a rough couple of weeks, starting with an ear infection the day we were slated to leave for PA and ending with Erythema Multiforme thanks to the Amoxicillin that cured the ear infection. The big guy is almost better, thank goodness.

liam gregor
our first trip to the ER
liam gregor
my poor little guy
liam and daddy
daddy snuggles help

But there have definitely been some good times too. Christmas was super. Liam looooves Santa (the theory, he has yet to actually meet the guy). He quite liked receiving presents every day from every person he met. Pennsylvania was tons of fun, though the visit was much to short (my sister and her family may disagree with that).

liam gregor
Yay, Christmas!
liam gregor
breakfast of champions

Kellan didn’t get what all the fuss was about, but he rolled with it.

kellan robert
Meh, Christmas.

Mommy got some good stuff too…

mommy's little helper

Kellan will be 20 weeks old tomorrow. He’s a sweet, happy, hungry baby. We started giving him rice cereal last week. He’s not thrilled, but he’s eating it. Hopefully it will help us drop some of the night-time feeds, which have been steadily increasing in number since Christmas. Mommy’s tired!

kellan robert

I know, I know. Totally boring post after such an exciting holiday season. Sorry, but that’s all I got. Next one will be better and include a few decent photos. Promise.


BTW, the blanket Kellan is laying on is the first project I started making when I found out I was pregnant with Liam (not a typo). It’s the Noah’s Ark Blanket by Michele Wilcox from Crochet! magazine  (ravelry) and I’m almost done. Have crocheted some fish and a giraffe and a starfish, but still need to add them. Also need to whip up a bird, sun and sea turtle. Someday.