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Kellan is 6 months old. Actually, Kellan was 6 months old last Friday. So, now he’s approaching 6 months + 1 week. Regardless, he IS awesome.

kellan robert
yeah. i'm 6 months old.

At his checkup, he weighed in at 19 pounds and 3 ounces (one pound heavier than Liam was at his 6 month checkup), which lands him in the 80s percentile-wise. He’s sitting unassisted with the occasional topple. He’s rolling over front to back and back to front. He’s eating yogurt and cereals and starting to drink water from a sippy cup. He loves his jumperoo. He thinks his big brother is the funniest show in town. And (this may be mommy’s favorite trick) he sleeps in his own room! Whew.

kellan robert
you so funny!

Kellan is just as cute as a button and so quick with a smile. And his cheeks are delicious. And he doesn’t miss a trick.

kellan robert

Big brother is doing well too. His teachers tell me that he’s a “busy” kid. That’s to say that he is always doing something. Though Liam still likes his trains and trucks and dinosaurs, these days it’s all about dragons. We watch “How to Train Your Dragon” a few times a week. We pretend every stick we find outside is a dragon. We fly like a dragon. DRAGONS, people, dragons. He’s communicating so well it’s scary. He likes trying on new words and we are now “mom” and “dad” at least as often as mommy and daddy. He’s imaginative and clever and, well, busy.

liam gregor
this is "something"

 There’s a lot of fun in our house these days and a little more sleep these nights. After a rough start to the year, things are looking up (and up and up and up). I’m starting to think we just might make it.

liam gregor and daddy
i love my daddy.

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