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to summarize

1. Daddy snuck in another old boys’ rugby game at the St. Patrick’s Day Tourney in Savannah. The fam hit the road at 5AM for an 8:00 game. Good times. The big boy was in heaven and ran and ran and ran all day.

old boy
daddy's day out

2. The old baby suffered through a week long stomach bug in mid March. Poor little guy.

Liam Gregor
my loyal boneknapper

3. The fat boy is cute. And happy.

Kellan Robert
look how cute i am.

3a. Usually.

Kellan Robert

4. The boys can play together (a little).

liam and kellan
play time!

5. Kellan is totally working the sippy cup.

Kellan Robert
glug, glug

6. Liam is getting over sinusitis and an ear infection. Added bonus: no adverse reaction to Cefdinir antibiotic with only two days to go. Yay.

Liam Gregor
all good now.


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