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thank you easter bunny

bock. bock.

We dyed our eggs on Friday. Liam was a champ. Helpful hint: using a paintbrush to spin the egg in the dye is much easier than fiddling with the wire holder thingy.

liam gregor
dyeing eggs is an art
easter eggs

Easter morning was fun. The bunny hid a few candy filled eggs in the living room and left some sweets in our baskets. I’m pretty sure Liam ate only candy all day. Yikes.

liam gregor
for me?
easter basket

Aside: Liam’s easter basket is braided fabric. Constructed similarly to a braided rug and using all but 3 strips of a jelly roll. It’s only about 6″ in diameter and maybe 7″ tall (the bottom pouches out when it’s held by the strap). I quite enjoyed making it. There should be a coordinating basket for Kellan, but I ran out of time.  Surprise! Another jelly roll and some cording are waiting. Surely by next Easter…

Kellan got in the mix too… though, I doubt Easter morning was any more or less bizarre than any other day.

kellan robert
pink and fuzzy. score!
kellan and liam
Kellan Robert
silly cute, no?
Liam Gregor
sweeter than candy

Hippity, hoppity.


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