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bubble romper

The sweet potato had some home-made duds for the wedding too.

kellan robert
that's a lot of drool

Kellan is modeling a pleated bubble romper in handkerchief linen. The pattern is Creations by Michie 102 (here’s my pattern review)and probably the only “heirloom” sewing I’ll get to do. It may be for the best that we don’t have girls. I’d never leave the sewing machine if we did. I followed the pattern to the “T” up to the last step. Foolishly, I decided to leave the leg elastic longer than recommended. Big mistake. The legs were too loose and the romper fell over K’s knees and hampered his crawling.

kellan robert
my crawling is hampered

He was not pleased.

kellan robert
i am not pleased.

The pattern is very thorough in its instructions and the pattern pieces themselves are printed on heavy paper, which was nice. I pre-washed the linen and dried it, just as with Liam’s suit and starched it like crazy before cutting the pieces. How did I not know the joy of starch before these projects? My 1/4″ foot got a work out as many of the seams are french.

1/4" foot
straight stitch is so easy with the right foot

Overall the romper turned out well. I had some confusion about the collar detail in the back, but eventually worked it out.

center back collar
center back collar detail

Also, despite my best efforts, the collar had a slight overlap, but I can live with it.


Perhaps most importantly, both boys had lightweight clothes for the lovely (and hot!) outdoor wedding.

liam and kellan
dastardly duo

2 thoughts on “bubble romper

  1. Oh my God. Jen, you are truly amazing to have made those beautiful matching outfits (and the beyond adorable boys that are in them).

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