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duct tape hero

Daddy has been rocking the duct tape. How awesome is duct tape these days? The colors that are available make it so much fun to work with.

liam gregor
viking liam

The shield is based on Hiccup’s shield from HTTYD. B whipped it up from cardboard and duct tape and a little bit of white glue.

the supplies

He stacked and glued some graduated cardboard circles to make the bump on the front, then covered the whole thing in duct tape.

shield construction
the bump
shield construction
add the red
shield construction
and the shiny trim
shield construction
clip to mold to the curve
shield construction
press into place

B then used half-width strips of shiny silver to make the lightning bolts on the front and added a handle to the back.

don't forget a handle

It is totally awesome!

liam gregor
i love it!

Daddy also made a viking hat, but mommy got distracted and didn’t take construction pics. Oops. Anyway, the crown was shaped on my hat block, starting with the duct tape sticky side up and then covered with a second layer of tape sticky side down. He shaped the horns using a funky cardboard spine that was then wrapped in tape and filled with expanding foam filler. The bumps are little balls of tape covered with shiny tape.

daddy constructing
forming the duct tape on mommy's hat block

The boys love it.

liam and kellan
the boys

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