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family art project

I simply adore Alisa Burke’s large canvas text. Alas, I am not nearly cool enough to pull that off. So, we softened it a bit and came up with this.

text art
oh, the places you'll go!

B and I dipped the boys feet in paint and he held them over the canvas while I stamped their footprints across it. Then we did the same with Thor. I’ll give you a minute to run the mental movie. Done laughing? K, moving on. Pan got a pass as his claws were in need of a trim.

The canvas is 36″x48″ and I used a 1″ foam paint “brush” for the printing. It was a really quick project, except…

text art


I totally misspelled “frequently.”

Once I ran out of curse words, I whited out the mistake and repainted the word with all the necessary letters. The patch isn’t terrible when you look head on at the canvas. Certain angles though, argh.

text art
pan is glad he wasn't involved in this mess

The kids still like it.

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