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formal dining

Super easy (and cheap) jack o’lantern chair covers. Four orange pillow cases ($5/pair at Walmart), an 8″x10″ piece of black craft felt, a washable glue stick, four rubber bands and some stash green tulle, et voila. Best part is that these turn back into normal pillow cases in November. Provided the glue stick is as washable as its label indicates…

liam and the pumpkins

Here’s the play-by-play.

drape pillowcase over chair back
tuck in the corners
gather the top at the center and wrap with a rubber band
tie some green tulle to look like a stem
cut out felt eyes, nose and mouth
glue on felt eyes, nose and mouth
take a bow

2 thoughts on “formal dining

  1. what a great idea! i think that my barstools could use a bit of halloween fun! and, instead of walmart cases (way easier to have the cases, but they will be too big for my stools) i will use some cheap orange stash i happen to have on hand….these are just too cute and happy :o) thanks for sharing

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