hearts and roses…

laced with yarn and made of paper. That’s how we roll on V-day.

Liam laced a few hearts for his extra special valentines.

laced heart valentines
laced with love

The cards really are cute. Red bird crafts provided the inspiration. I just put the top card on a cork tile and punched holes in the shape of a heart with an awl, making sure the tails ended up on the front of the card. Then Liam went to work lacing a folded strand of yarn through the holes with a darning needle. We tied the yarn ends in a bow. Finally, and this was not really needed, we glued the card top to a backing square of card stock.

laced heart card
lace away

We made some coffee filter flowers too.

coffee filter flowers
crumpled with love

Peaches tutorial inspired our flowers, but we used Rit dye and skipped the trimming on most of our flowers. It was really easy, just added a splash of yellow liquid Rit to a bowl of hot water and submerged coffee filters one at a time until no more would fit in the bowl. Wearing rubber gloves, I squeezed the excess liquid from the stack of filters back into the bowl, then added a bit of wine Rit to the yellow water and dyed a bunch of filters peach. Added more wine (dye to the water, zin to my belly) and made a bunch of fuscia filters. After squeezing out the excess colored water I separated each filter and laid them in loose pile to dry overnight.

Next day, we made the flowers and tied them off with green pipe cleaners. Didn’t use any tape, just twisted the bases really tight and wound the pipe cleaner around as tightly as possible.

So, happy Valentine’s Day!

kellan robert
from a boy and his (neighbor’s) dog


liam gregor
from a boy who can roll his tongue