the good, the bad and the ugly

Once upon a time there was a tiny, poorly designed kitchen whose pantry held a washing machine, dryer and hot water heater. One day the handsome king started the washing machine and left for work. The washing machine so loved the king that she decide to run and run and run the entire day.

Unbeknownst to the king and queen, water flowed through the castle for hours and hours until a kindly villager notified the queen of water flowing from the front door. Though the hardwood had never been cleaner, sometimes too much is in fact too much. Upon his return to the castle, the king assembled knights from the realm of homeowner’s insurance and disaster care who worked feverishly to mitigate the damage.

The knights were able to rescue several areas of the castle, but, alas, the hardwood floors in the kitchen were beyond repair.

The wicked queen upon learning of the washing machine’s treachery, banished her and her companions to an isolated laundry room in the garage and ordered a complete renovation of the kitchen.

And this, dear readers, is where our story begins…