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Facebook Won

So the mommy blogging thing lost steam and the mommy thing stole all my crafty time and Facebook is just easier. House reno courtesy of a washing machine flood may be the thrust of the 2014 blogging year. Stay tuned. Or not. Your call. In the meantime, how cute are my kids? Fashion notes: The… Continue reading Facebook Won

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so much fun, so little time to blog

Where to begin… So, Liam is 4. Crazy, right? We had a big kid, Bumblebee Transformer party. The invitations were printed on 4×6 photo paper. The background image is from Digital Citizen. I added text in Picasa using free Transformers Movie font. Super fast and great results. It was a casual backyard party. B set… Continue reading so much fun, so little time to blog

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happiest place on earth

We just had the best vacation ever. Seriously. The best. Walt Disney World really is the happiest place on earth as far as I’m concerned. Travelling with great friends made it even more fun. Thank you Ronnie, Brian, Connor and Caitlin for an awesome adventure. Let’s make it an annual event! The boys were excellent… Continue reading happiest place on earth

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who’s two?

The Kel-Kel Monster! Our baby’s not a baby anymore. WAAAAH! If I were younger and much, much less lazy, I’d totally have baby fever right now. Alas, I am old and very lazy, so I’ll just have to befriend some pregnant ladies. Back to the subject at hand. Kellan celebrated his second birthday in style.… Continue reading who’s two?

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summer, summer, summer

Man, it is HOT. But these boys are movers and shakers, so we are outside all day long. The backyard is a mish-mash of canopies: an umbrella over the pool, a sun sail over the swing set and a castle (gazebo) at the end of the driveway. Dining is alfresco and fluffernutters are frequently on… Continue reading summer, summer, summer

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outdoor living

We didn’t let the outrageous heat stop us this weekend. Thanks to our new Intex Ultra swimming pool the boys and I spent the whole weekend playing and finishing projects in the backyard. Please note that I will be using the royal “we” throughout this post as my contribution to the work effort was nothing… Continue reading outdoor living