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Facebook Won

So the mommy blogging thing lost steam and the mommy thing stole all my crafty time and Facebook is just easier. House reno courtesy of a washing machine flood may be the thrust of the 2014 blogging year. Stay tuned. Or not. Your call. In the meantime, how cute are my kids? Fashion notes: The… Continue reading Facebook Won

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I mean Rooooaaaar… and arrrgh! Hope everyone had a super fun Halloween. You know we did. Liam was the boss of Halloween this year. We made lots and lots of “Halloween Projects”, such as: and Liam also picked our costumes. He, obviously, was to be a dragon unicorn. Originally just a plain old dragon, but… Continue reading boo!

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duct tape hero

Daddy has been rocking the duct tape. How awesome is duct tape these days? The colors that are available make it so much fun to work with. The shield is based on Hiccup’s shield from HTTYD. B whipped it up from cardboard and duct tape and a little bit of white glue. He stacked and glued… Continue reading duct tape hero

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summer lovin’

Not much new here. Unless you count the fact that Kellan is 11 months old and standing unassisted and signing “more” and clapping and working on his 8th tooth and stuff. Otherwise, same old, same old. I mean, the fat boy is dropping most of his daytime feeds and, sure, mommy hasn’t pumped in weeks, but that’s not news.  Well, there… Continue reading summer lovin’

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perfect 10 (and some)

Funny thing about WordPress, you have to hit “Publish” for the post to show up… Kellan is still doing his thing. He’s growing and growing. His sleep is occasionally great and often not, but overall the trend is positive. The snuggle bug is big on smiles and babbles on and on. He’s still an eating machine during… Continue reading perfect 10 (and some)

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welcome to bedrock

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We sure did. So, in typical fashion, I sewed the costumes on Friday and Saturday morning. Nothing like a deadline to get the blood pumping. Fortunately all the costumes were fairly lightweight. It was 84 degrees on Saturday. Ugh. The boy was still a bit warm, but not too… Continue reading welcome to bedrock