4 thoughts on “ta-das

  1. wow. double wow. what a fun LONG time i have spent rambling round looking at all your goodies. i must say that you are an exeptionally fantastic knitter. such wonderful even tension, and beautiful hand and drape in all that i see. you truly have a gift. i stumbled upon you thru looking for nice baby sock at ravelry and fame across your garter one–the one i am choosing to make for my newly arriving grandson in a few weeks.

    your boys are gorgeous, their hats fun! you take great pictures and blog them all soooooo well….i want to be like you when i grow up LOL too bad i could probably be your mama ;o)

    i did want to say thanks for the patterns–and also to again say how wonderfully talented you are as a knitter.

  2. I just started the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi and have a question. It says to Repeat rows 9 & 10 increasing outside markers. How did you do the increase? I am assuming doing a make one but where did you do it? After the slip 1? Thanks for your help. It is such an adorable sweater and you are very talented!

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