merry christmas!

Yeah, it’s March. So?

We did some stuff in December.

Stuff like building this adorable christmas tree from old pallets. B broke up a pallet and trimmed the planks and the boys painted each plank. Then B screwed the trimmed planks to a 2×4 and added a base.

building our tree!

The boys then painted a few birdhouses and spread peanut butter and bird seed on them.

hard work making these decorations

And voila!

liam and the tree
pallet tree
our new christmas tree

Also. We met santa. So that was pretty cool.

liam and kellan with santa

Then we spent some time in PA, which was cold and white.

yummy snow!
snow kellan

Maybe there will be a seasonally appropriate post some time soon.

happy new year (and all that)

Man! The holidays are busy when you have kids. Who knew?

liam and kellan
the shot that almost cancelled christmas

Beginning with the joy that is taking Christmas card photos…

kellan robert
yay. more photos.

Trying to clean up for a minute or two…

liam and kellan
cleanliness lasts as long as the bath

Spending Christmas day playing…

moshing with the neighbors
moshing with the girls
liam gregor
rockin' and rollin' on the new blades

And ending with a really fun trip to PA…

fishing with the cousins
best group shot

We were a busy clan.

Managed to knit up a couple hats, but totally failed on the handmade stockings. Better luck next year, I guess. The blue hat is based on the Elf Hat from Handknit Holidays, but finished with the pointy top hat shaping. Here’s the Rav. The faux-hawk was knit similarly to the elf hat but with a rounded top. Someday I’ll write up the pattern. Someday.

liam and kellan
super bulky knit hats whip up fast!

Do forgive my spotty and brief posting. No use pretending it will change any time soon, but that ever elusive someday may eventually get here. Maybe some pics will make up for it a little bit. These two are my favorites.

liam gregor

kellan robert

Bonne année et bonne santé!

limping into the new year

Sheesh. I hope the whole year isn’t like this. We’ve had a fairly rough few weeks. Well more accurately, Liam has had a rough couple of weeks, starting with an ear infection the day we were slated to leave for PA and ending with Erythema Multiforme thanks to the Amoxicillin that cured the ear infection. The big guy is almost better, thank goodness.

liam gregor
our first trip to the ER
liam gregor
my poor little guy
liam and daddy
daddy snuggles help

But there have definitely been some good times too. Christmas was super. Liam looooves Santa (the theory, he has yet to actually meet the guy). He quite liked receiving presents every day from every person he met. Pennsylvania was tons of fun, though the visit was much to short (my sister and her family may disagree with that).

liam gregor
Yay, Christmas!
liam gregor
breakfast of champions

Kellan didn’t get what all the fuss was about, but he rolled with it.

kellan robert
Meh, Christmas.

Mommy got some good stuff too…

mommy's little helper

Kellan will be 20 weeks old tomorrow. He’s a sweet, happy, hungry baby. We started giving him rice cereal last week. He’s not thrilled, but he’s eating it. Hopefully it will help us drop some of the night-time feeds, which have been steadily increasing in number since Christmas. Mommy’s tired!

kellan robert

I know, I know. Totally boring post after such an exciting holiday season. Sorry, but that’s all I got. Next one will be better and include a few decent photos. Promise.


BTW, the blanket Kellan is laying on is the first project I started making when I found out I was pregnant with Liam (not a typo). It’s the Noah’s Ark Blanket by Michele Wilcox from Crochet! magazine  (ravelry) and I’m almost done. Have crocheted some fish and a giraffe and a starfish, but still need to add them. Also need to whip up a bird, sun and sea turtle. Someday.

ho, ho, holiday spirit

It’s a rather minimalist Christmas this year, but we did manage a few decorations…

pleased with what $15 in walmart ornaments can do

and some yummy treats…

gingerbread mini cupcakes

We made mini cupcakes using the Cook’s Country gingerbread recipe – only baked them for 10 minutes or so and frosted them with a powdered sugar and milk glaze and crushed candy canes. Next time we’ll up the ginger and cinnamon.

and little giftees for Liam’s teachers.

dish towels - my favorite way to wrap

Eight dozen cookies for the 10 teachers at Liam’s school. He spends time with most of them at one point or another during his day, so we made a little treat for everyone. Again, the recipes were from Cook’s Country. Everybody got 2 chocolate chip/coconut and 2 Heath Bar chip cookies (too big! Next time we’ll adjust the baking time and make more reasonably sized cookies) and 4 molasses spice cookies (like the gingerbread, needs more spice). I really love using dish towels to wrap gifts. Who doesn’t need more dish towels? A little sprig of pine from the trimmed boughs of the tree tied on with kitchen twine was an easy and cute way to close each parcel.

That’s about it this year. A far cry from Christmases B.C. (before children)

christmas 2007
christmas 2007

sing it with me

liam and kellan
we wish you a merry christmas.
liam and kellan
we wish you a merry christmas.
kellan robert
we wish you a merry christmas,
liam gregor
and a happy...
liam gregor
liam gregor

Surprisingly, I did get a few passable shots for the cards and therefore did not cancel Christmas. But it was a close call.

Fashion Notes

  • Liam’s hat is the Santa Hat from Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick. It’s made with Knit Picks Gloss HW in wine and Cascade Magnum in ecru. The child’s size used about 1/2 ball of each on US 8 and 15, respectively. The bobble band ended up too big after washing, so I frogged back to remove the last bobble and crocheted a slip stitch on the inside at the join of the band to the crown to tighten it up.
  • Kellan’s elf hat is a simple hat knit with Adrienne Vittadini Mia in soft olive  on US 10.5 (ribbing) and 11s. I’ll try to write up the pattern and post a pdf.
  • Liam’s sweater is vintage (ha!). It is the first sweater that I ever knit and was originally made for my godson Aydan 12 or so years ago. It thrills me to no end that it’s still around and being worn.


Tough few days in our house. Sweet cheeks had a reaction to his chicken pox vaccination. He ran a fever for two days and has some spots today. He hardly ate on Monday and Tuesday and has refused to nurse since Monday afternoon, but today had a big breakfast including a two egg omelette with cheese, cookies, and cow’s milk. So, according to B, spots on his hands and face notwithstanding, Liam is back to normal.

Here are some outtakes of Sunday’s Christmas card photo shoot. Cards go in the mail this week, so I’ll post the good shots next week – don’t want to spoil the surprise.

liam gregor  liam gregor  liam gregor  liam gregor liam gregor

We gave up on the hat rather quickly and sacrificed a roll of wrapping paper to the cause. I think he looks like he’s playing air guitar in the 3rd one. Outside was pointless. Most of the shots looked like this one.

liam gregor
get back here.

Liam was thoroughly unimpressed with the whole process.

liam gregor

We did, however, manage a few cute shots. Bet you can’t wait to see…

Paige’s Christmas Stocking

falling snow stockingWell, I finally finished writing up the pattern for my niece Paige’s Christmas Stocking. I gave up on the whole “making notes” thing by the time I hit the heel, so be forewarned.

The stocking is knit with bulky yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes) at 4sts and 4 rows to the inch on US10s. Gauge is not critical for this project, but at 4sts to the inch the stocking is about 20 inches from heel to cuff. In other words, HUGE.

This would be a great way to ease into knitting socks, as it eliminates SSS (second sock syndrome) altogether. Also, the chart could easily be modified for different color patterns.

Good luck, and please let me know if there are any errors.

Here’s the falling snow stocking pdf.

Here is is on ravelry and here’s the flickr group. Please share images of your finished stocking!