spreadin’ the love

homemade butter
spreadin' the love

We borrowed Maize in Montana’s idea and made homemade butter for Valentine’s Day this year. Um, there’s a really lot of shaking to turn cream into butter, so only a small portion was shaken. The rest was stirred in the stand mixer.

Aside: All this talk of shaking and stirring makes me want a martini. Mmmm, martini. It’s been years. Sigh.

Super fun and a great way to use up any extra heavy cream that’s nearing its expiration date. As an added bonus, you not only get yummy fresh butter, but also fresh buttermilk! Perfect for your St. Patrick’s day soda bread…

homemade butter
shake, shake, shake

We also made some mini brownies with candy hearts. I gotta tell ya. This whole candy business is terrific. The candy melts are totally inexpensive and they look adorable. I think they taste gross, but the big boys who eat solids both like them. They are for Liam’s school party, so I’m guessing the kids won’t be offended by the flavor.

mini brownies
love bites

Alas, no cute valentine photos of the boys. The boys are still cute, but mommy sucks at grabbing shots these days. So, these are the best of the worst. Sorry, but at least they’re topless.

liam gregor
you can leave your hat on
kellan robert
love monkey

Happy Valentine’s Day!

thanks, martha

Well check us out. Our Superbowl Cupcakes from 2008 were selected as one of Martha Stewart’s Cutest Cupcakes 2009 contest winners.

superbowl cupcakes
Martha Stewart’s 2009 Cutest Cupcake

We won a copy of Martha’s Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone’s Favorite Treat. And bragging rights, of course.