pillows galore

We’ve been in serious need of some throw pillows in the living room for quite some time now. I finally pulled my act together and made a few. Back in September, while the boys were on their vacation, I whipped up these simple little envelope pillow cases from a few fat quarters and a little piece of embroidery that I made ages ago. Honestly the embroidery has been sitting in my stash bin for almost two years, I bet.

simple envelope pillow cases
alphabet embroidery
the striped fabric reminded me of lined paper...
envelope pillows
envelope back

I bet the pair of cases took less than an hour start to finish. And that, my friends, is all I accomplished during a week home alone. Sad, right? Plus it took two months to post about it. Hm.

Now these little cuties are a great kids project. I saw the idea on pinksuedeshoe.

leaf pillows
placemat to pillow

Took a few seconds to open the seam, 10 minutes for the boys to get bored cramming fiberfill into a tiny opening and five minutes more for me finish stuffing and resew the seam by hand. Total cost: $9 ($3 for each placemat) + $4 for a bag of fiberfill = $13.

two inches of hand sewing and viola

There’s one more pillow in progress. Isn’t the smocking at 52crafts52weeks divine? This pillow top was made following learningtofly’s tutorial and using canvas and dark blue embroidery floss.

honeycomb smocking
honeycomb smocking...love

I made a marking guide with a length of grid lined poster board and a tiny hole punch. Then used a disappearing fabric pen to mark the dots on the canvas.

grid lined poster board
grid lined poster board guide

Even thought the smocking has been finished for months, the pillow still needs a back. Soon. Soon.

Wow. A kid-free post. Can you believe it?

Easter duds

Here are the stats of the big guy’s easter outfit. 

liam gregor
sticky sweet easter outfit

 The pants are made with cotton seersucker purchased at Hancock’s Fabrics, using Burda Magazine 11/2003, pattern 149. There’s a full review of the pattern on patternreview.com. It took me more time than it should have (surprise!) because I was a madwoman hell-bent on matching the horizontal stripes at every seam. Otherwise a very simple and cute pattern. 

liam's easter hat
easter hat the second

 The hat was made using the same fabric and cut from Butterick 3632 (size small). Evidently this pattern is now out of print. The pattern calls for double layer of fleece throughout, so my hat fabric was much, much thinner – and I didn’t line the crown, so the small fit Liam’s large melon. I sewed two of the seams wrong sides together so that they’d be frayed on the outside. The fraying probably took longer to do than the actual sewing. Again, there’s a full review on patternreview.com

Liam’s hat was actually Easter Hat #2. I made the first using Wild Things! free software. Unfortunately, I cut for a 19″ circumference which turned out too small. The software was nice and the hat cute. The brim was much more circular and less bucket-like than the Butterick. Fortunately, it fits Liam’s best girl Regan. And, unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic. Anywho, since the Butterick was a bit larger, I decided to use it for the second attempt. 

embroidered chick
cheep, cheep

 Last, but not least, Liam’s shirt is a Garanimals long sleeve tee with a cute little chick from lazymay embroidered on it. Super quick and actually relaxing little project. 

easter outfit
et voila!

mama’s new baby

Singer Curvy 8780
Singer Curvy 8780

Mummy got a new sewing machine for her birthday. It is amazing. I love it. It’s the Singer Curvy 8780 and it has 225 stitches (including a block alphabet) and the Costco set came with every foot you can imagine. Seriously, I’m giddy with presser feet. The only one that didn’t come in the box is the circular stitch foot that I must have, if only for the sake of a complete set and my own greed. Currently, Curvy lives on our dining room table, though she’ll be relocated to the craft room after Halloween. Here’s my review of the machine on patternreview.com.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I made a quilt for Regan’s birthday. Like Liam’s Circles and Stripes, it’s another pattern free, wonky quilt that measures about 30″ x 40″. The quilt front is composed of four wonky log cabin blocks made from two adorable fat quarter packs I found at Wal-Mart and the back is half fat quarters with two strips of stash fabric. I used the built in serpentine stitch in rows spaced 1.5-inches apart (sort of, my straight lines aren’t really straight). The fabric is 100% cotton (pre-washed) and it’s sandwiched with low-loft cotton batting. I didn’t pre-wash the batting, only the fabric, so once the finished quilt was washed it got extra crinkly. I hand embroidered “Regan” in split stitch in the lower right corner using pearl cotton.

regan_front.NEF  regan_back.NEF  regan.NEF

There were some scraps left over from Regan’s quilt so I put together a single wonky log cabin block to make a mini-quilt for Penny, Regan’s lovey. This marks my first attempt at free-motion quilting. Not great, but not as terrible as I feared either.

penny_front.NEF  penny_back.NEF  p.NEF

The photos could definitely be better, but with so many “helpers” you do what you can.

i'll help you mommy
i’ll help you mommy
i'll hold it down
no, let me.
is this better?
is this better?