happy new year (and all that)

Man! The holidays are busy when you have kids. Who knew?

liam and kellan
the shot that almost cancelled christmas

Beginning with the joy that is taking Christmas card photos…

kellan robert
yay. more photos.

Trying to clean up for a minute or two…

liam and kellan
cleanliness lasts as long as the bath

Spending Christmas day playing…

moshing with the neighbors
moshing with the girls
liam gregor
rockin' and rollin' on the new blades

And ending with a really fun trip to PA…

fishing with the cousins
best group shot

We were a busy clan.

Managed to knit up a couple hats, but totally failed on the handmade stockings. Better luck next year, I guess. The blue hat is based on the Elf Hat from Handknit Holidays, but finished with the pointy top hat shaping. Here’s the Rav. The faux-hawk was knit similarly to the elf hat but with a rounded top. Someday I’ll write up the pattern. Someday.

liam and kellan
super bulky knit hats whip up fast!

Do forgive my spotty and brief posting. No use pretending it will change any time soon, but that ever elusive someday may eventually get here. Maybe some pics will make up for it a little bit. These two are my favorites.

liam gregor

kellan robert

Bonne année et bonne santé!

sing it with me

liam and kellan
we wish you a merry christmas.
liam and kellan
we wish you a merry christmas.
kellan robert
we wish you a merry christmas,
liam gregor
and a happy...
liam gregor
liam gregor

Surprisingly, I did get a few passable shots for the cards and therefore did not cancel Christmas. But it was a close call.

Fashion Notes

  • Liam’s hat is the Santa Hat from Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick. It’s made with Knit Picks Gloss HW in wine and Cascade Magnum in ecru. The child’s size used about 1/2 ball of each on US 8 and 15, respectively. The bobble band ended up too big after washing, so I frogged back to remove the last bobble and crocheted a slip stitch on the inside at the join of the band to the crown to tighten it up.
  • Kellan’s elf hat is a simple hat knit with Adrienne Vittadini Mia in soft olive  on US 10.5 (ribbing) and 11s. I’ll try to write up the pattern and post a pdf.
  • Liam’s sweater is vintage (ha!). It is the first sweater that I ever knit and was originally made for my godson Aydan 12 or so years ago. It thrills me to no end that it’s still around and being worn.

fake isle tam

tam band

Inspired by “Three Tams” on Knitty and having some Silk Garden laying around, I knit up this quickie for my niece. This tam is sized for a child and uses the Noro as the main color, taking full advantage of the beautiful colors.Start to block, this project took me about 8 hours, which included hangover time and chart development. Meaning, you should be able to whip it up in 6 hours tops. Get cracking if you need it for Christmas!

Here’s the pdf. If anyone notices an error, please let me know.

Here it is on Ravelry.