Quick Fix

Queue it up on Ravelry. 

I couldn’t resist this yarn! It’s Peaches & Creme Lemon-Lime (100% cotton). I knit up a soap holder wash cloth thingy. It was knit in the round, alternating “linen stitch” and “gathered stitch” patterns from the 1979 Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.

Here’s the pdf pattern.

The Pattern
2oz. worsted weight cotton
5 US7 dpns
Gauge (approx.): 4sts = 1″

CO 28 (leave 12″ yarn tail to crochet into hanging loop)
Join round
K 3 rounds
Eyelet Round: *K2tog, yo* rep. from *.
M1 (K into bar before 1st st) k around (29 sts)
Begin Linen Stitch
Rounds 1, 3, 5, 7: *K 1, yf, sl 1 (pwise), yb;* rep. from * around.
Rounds 2, 4, 6, 8: *yf, sl 1 (pwise), yb, k 1;* rep. from * around.
Begin Gathered Stitch
Round 1: K into front and back of each stitch.
Rounds 2-5: K.
Round 6: K2tog around.
Work linen stitch section
Work gathered stitch section
Work linen stitch section.
K 1 round
K2tog, k around (28 sts)
BO with 3 needle bind off from the inside. Weave in ends.
Weave braided yarn or I-cord through eylets.
Lather, rinse, repeat.


11 thoughts on “Quick Fix

  1. I too am confused as to what to do with the last stich? Linen stitch seems to be an even number of stitches.

  2. I’m really excited to be making this. I’m laid up just having knee surgery so it gives me plenty of time to whip some of these up.

    I have a quick question about this pattern. It’s the Make 1 which gives you 29 stitches. Why do you need 29?

    When I start the Linen stitch, I seem to only be using 28 stitches. What do I do with that last stitch?

    Thank you

  3. I just heard of soapsavers a couple days ago and decided this morning to try knitting one. I basically knit a rectangle which I had to sew up. I also had included spaces for a crocheted pull-chain. It came out nice and I am using for the bathroom handsoap which my son likes to mangle when washing his hands. Anyway, while sewing up the sides I was thinking this would be a great little project to learn to use the dpn’s. So thank you for the pattern I will give it a try. Then maybe I will be ready to try knitting a pair of socks like I’ve always wanted to do. Part of me wonders “Is it odd for a person’s big dreams in life to include knitting ones-self a pair of socks?” Others dream of cruises and trips to sunny places while I dream of knitting more and more and more. -V

  4. Your patterns are really great! I love the seaman’s scarf and the soap holder. THe others are really beautiful too and I may come back for another for Christmas gifts this year. Thanks again and keep up with the beautiful work.I wish I could design like that.

    Ravelry: luckieszoo

  5. Thanks for the pattern. I have made a couple of “soap holders” in the past, but I really like the shape of this one.

  6. I am making some washcloths to go in a “bath stuff” gift basked for my aunt’s birthday, and thought, “Hey, a soap holder thingy would be nice!” Thanks to the wonders of Google, I found your pattern. Thanks! It’s perfect!

  7. Wow that’s a great pattern! It’s funny I was just thinking about something similar while I was showering this morning I said to myself — must make something to put all the little scrap pieces of soap in. If you knew me you would know I never waste anything!
    Thanks for the pattern…happy knitting 🙂

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