cross stitchery

May is a busy month. In our family we celebrate not only Mother’s Day, but also several (six) birthdays, many of which we missed completely this year. I am a schmuck and I am so sorry to those who didn’t even get cards. Hopefully, the ever-generous people we snubbed will forgive us.

It wasn’t a total loss, thankfully. I managed a tiny bit of stitching for Grandma, who is both a mom and one of our birthday girls.

miniature cross stitch sampler
hearts and flowers sampler

It’s the Hearts and Flowers Miniature Sampler Kit from Janet Granger. Stitched on 32 count evenweave fabric with a single thread, the finished piece measures a scant 1.5″ x 2″ or so. It is itty-bitty and was really fun to work on such a tiny scale.

miniature sampler
that’s a plain old dime for scale

I decided to keep on riding the cross stitch wave and also stitched up a triangle scissor case for G’ma. I slightly modified the Cross Stitch Happy: Hummingbird pattern and followed the Litla Skvis assembly tutorial.

scissor case
scissor case

I modified the design on the back flap to include a single flower from Cross Stitch Happy’s scissor fob pattern and my initials.

scissor case
back flap

The case is stitched on 16 count cream Aida with two strands of floss and lined with white duck cloth canvas. The canvas was a bear to stitch through, but should provide good protection from the sharp tip of embroidery scissors. Not so sure white was the best choice, but as it was the only color I had…

scissor case
canvas lining

I must say, stitching on 16 count after the mini on 32 was, well, weird. But fun.

scissor case
can’t get more spring-y than this

Not much, I know. But better than nothing, I hope.

mother’s day moments

A few snapshots of the day…

kellan robert
kellan robert
kellan robert

What more can you ask for? Well, maybe a pic or two of the big boy for good measure.

liam gregor
what canary?
liam gregor

And a little bouquet for grandma…

from the garden

Hope all you moms had a great day.